Donations to LP Benevolent Fund Will Be Made by Checkpoint for NRF Protect Demos

Checkpoint Systems will make a donation to the Loss Prevention Benevolent Fund for each of the first 200 product demonstrations it provides to retailers from June 12-13 at NRF Protect conference in Anaheim, CA. The Loss Prevention Foundation established the LP Benevolent Fund to aid the families of LP professionals who have lost their lives while conducting the duties of their profession.

According to Stuart Rosenthal, vice president of sales and marketing for Checkpoint’s Alpha High-Theft Solutions, “We are honored to continue our support and contribution to this memorial fund as we understand the service LP professionals provide retailers and the consumers who visit their stores. Please stop by our booth for a demo of our products and help us continue our support of the LPBF.”

Some of the products to be demonstrated at Checkpoint’s booth 701 include:

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S20: Driven by design, this revolutionary antenna rewrites convention, bringing to the market for the first time an attractive, customizable, feature rich antenna contained within a sleek 3.5-inch footprint. Ideal for Apparel stores or other retailers wishing to maximize trading space and to keep store entrances clear and inviting. Powered by Checkpoint’s proven and respected EVOLVE electronics, the new configuration delivers full system connectivity for remote servicing and consolidated management reporting.

HALO software platform delivers powerful, modular, data driven performance that transforms data into efficient actionable insights for day-to-day retail operational successes. Provides detailed intelligence about the state of retail business through easy to use dashboards, graphs and charts. Focuses on real-time inventory visibility,optimized production and supply chain fulfillment areas.

NEO is an innovative electronics platform that delivers enhanced detection and connectivity to retailers, enabling them to improve store operations. The powerful new electronics represent a seismic shift in the way radio frequency-based (RF) EAS solutions perform in store and enable the sensors to become a key part of the connected store.

Mass Personalization: Checkpoint’s design service team works with a retailer’s own store designers to develop personalized antennas that complement the store design. The individual creations are powered by Checkpoint’s market-leading connected electronics platform, delivering beautiful designs with best-in-class performance without

Super Flag Tag: A dual-function RF label that not only safeguards against theft, but also product tampering — enabling retailers and brands to protect a variety of products without obscuring messaging. There is no other RF label on the market that combines all these benefits, enabling clear visible source tagging without obscuring
legal wording or branding.

ShoeLok offers a small size with big protection on shoes where traditional protection devices don’t work. Our unique design allows for easy application, easy removal at POS, and does not inhibit customer try-on — all without damage to the shoe.

S3vx is your key to advanced product protection. Our unique S3Vx platform associates the store to the key and the key to the security device. S3Vx solutions stop defeats in its tracks. This innovative and cost-effective platform takes your product protection program to a whole new level.

Enforcer is the only solution that effectively disrupts ORC. Our innovative patent-pending solutions, when activated through your EAS system, destroy the resell value of the stolen merchandise and dissuade future thefts.

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