The retail industry has evolved significantly over the past several decades. In every role and at every level, today’s professional is expected to be multi-dimensional, open-minded, global-thinking, enterprising, and intelligent, serving as an integral component of the retail world and part of the foundation for a successful business plan.

As our communities continue to grow more diverse, doors have opened to reveal a new and exciting workplace. We see dramatic changes in the fabric of retail as an increasing percentage of the workforce is populated with individuals of different identities, traits, cultures, and backgrounds. We’re regularly introduced to new people and new cultures, but also gaining greater exposure to the tremendously diverse cultures that have surrounded us all our lives.

Awareness has heightened as the world continues to shrink and the demographics of the workforce change, and retail companies are taking on additional initiatives to further embrace diversity and inclusion. The goal of this survey is to provide an objective window into the current thoughts, ideas, and opinions regarding diversity and inclusion in the retail workplace.

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