Detectives Solve the Case of 3 Major ORC Rings

organized retail crime

Detectives in the wealthy Seattle suburb of Bellevue, Washington are claiming to have busted three major organized retail theft rings responsible for more than $100,000 in stolen merchandise.

In one case, four suspects have been charged—three for stealing from a Louis Vuitton store, and the fourth for selling the stolen bags illegally. The first three suspects allegedly went twice to the store in June 2022 and stole about $93,000 worth of purses.

Detectives found the purses for sale online, and arrested one of the suspects under the guise of purchasing a bag. The King County Prosecutor has charged Billy Chambers, Memory Yearby, and Earnetra Turner with two counts of organized retail theft in the first degree. Trey Kendall was charged with trafficking in stolen property in the first degree.

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The second ORC case involves a 24-year-old suspect accused of multiple thefts totaling nearly $13,000 from Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack stores in Bellevue in October and November of last year. The suspect has been charged with organized theft in the first degree and two counts of trafficking in stolen property in the first degree. They were also charged with five counts of organized retail theft and trafficking out of Seattle.

The third case, in which almost $7,000 of products were stolen from an Ulta store, is still pending.

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