WEBINAR: Defenses Against Destructive Cyber Threats to the Retail Sector

The retail sector is at high risk for cyber attacks due to its size, close customer interactions, recognizable brands, and frequent transaction rates. Cyber threats to the retail sector come from both financially motivated and state-sponsored espionage actors, and threaten the global economy.


In this webinar, Stefanie Hoover, CFI, vice president at Loss Prevention Magazine interviews Erin Joe, head of strategy and alliances at Mandiant, the market leader in cyber threat intelligence and incident response. The discussion will focus on the unique cyber threat landscape in the retail sector, including the current threats, tactics, and trends as well as approaches leaders and defenders can employ to improve their defensive posture and readiness. Topics include:

  • Threat briefing on actors and trends in the retail sector
  • Links between cyber and physical threats
  • Strategies to harden and protect a retail security environment
  • Advice for retail leaders to manage a cyber attack and maintain business continuity
Erin Joe
Erin Joe

Erin Joe draws from her 25-year career as a transformational leader. She is responsible for the development and implementation of Mandiant strategy, along with key alliances. Prior to FireEye, Erin was a top-ranking FBI executive driving federal cyber response strategies in partnership with the private sector. This included co-authoring and implementing the FBI’s first integrated strategy for Cyber, Counterterrorism, and Counterintelligence as well as executing strategic and tactical cyber operations working with the National Security Council, the intelligence community, and allied nations.

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