Customer Steps in to Help During Alleged Theft, Ends up Being Dragged by Car

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In Oklahoma, a Good Samaritan reportedly became a victim after he stepped in to help an Atwoods employee, according to Sand Springs Police Department spokesperson Todd Enzbrenner. Michael Hughes, according to Enzbrenner, confronted a man who he said was stealing a drill worth around $500 from the store. Hughes said he saw an employee go after the man while he was in the check-out line. Hughes’ wife reportedly told him to help the employee when they heard the employee radio for help outside. Hughes said he saw the suspect push the employee, so he reportedly reached around the employee and grabbed the man’s shirt through the car window.

Then, the suspect took off in the car, according to Hughes. He said he saw the speedometer reach 50 miles per hour while the suspect told him to let go, though he said the suspect eventually slowed down enough to where it was safe for him to let go. Hughes told FOX23 that he has reserve police officer training, and he said that though it may not have been the best idea, he had to jump in and help. He said no one should do what he did, no matter their training, because no one trains to be dragged by a car. Enzbrenner agreed with that sentiment and said the best thing for anyone to do is to be a good witness and get a good description of a suspect, which will help them solve the case. Enzbrenner said police know who the suspect is, and they expect an arrest warrant to be issued by the end of the week. Hughes said the only casualty in the whole incident was his shoes, which were damaged.  [Source: Fox23 News]

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