Nevada Sheriffs Show Support for Crime Reduction Act

Sheriffs in Nevada are showing support for the Crime Reduction Act, S.B. 412, which has been championed by Governor Joe Lombardo.

The bill was introduced in the state legislature last month, and received unanimous support from every Nevada sheriff in all 17 counties in the state. The piece of legislation aims to revise the felony threshold for certain crimes, such as retail theft and drug possession, to make it easier for law enforcement to seek stricter punishments.

To show their support, sheriffs from all 17 counties wrote a letter praising the bill and Governor Lombardo.

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“With vast land area and a diverse and growing population, ensuring public safety in Nevada has always been challenging,” the letter begins. “Unfortunately, politicians have made it even harder for law enforcement to keep us safe in recent years.”

The letter continues by detailing the negative effects A.B.236, a bill signed into law in 2019, has had on the state. Under this law, the felony threshold for retail theft is $12,000—higher than even that of California, the sheriffs point out.

“Governor Lombardo has shown he is committed to restoring the rule of law in Nevada by putting law-abiding citizens before criminals,” the letter concludes. “The passage of his bill would be a welcome step to reducing crime and upholding public safety throughout our state. We urge them to support this common sense proposal.”

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