Credit Card Scheme Involved over 1,250 Cards, $250,000

Thousands of credit cards were potentially compromised in a Texas hotel room purchasing scheme worth $250,000, according to federal court documents. According to the criminal complaint, which was unsealed this week, investigators in Dallas began looking into suspicious hotel room purchases made by Kayla Klutts and Odis Edwards in late August.

The pair would rent one or two rooms in different hotels in Dallas, Fort Worth and other areas and then sub-rent the room to other people at lower fees, the document says. But Klutts is accused of buying those rooms with credit card numbers she bought from a “carding network.”

The network, police said, was a place online where people would buy and sell credit card numbers. Edwards told investigators they would use the altered credit cards to purchase the rooms. He said he made about $250,000 in fraudulent charges since March or April. Police confronted the pair about the scheme and Edwards gave them five sheets of paper containing about 69 credit card numbers with various expiration dates and names of other people.

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During that same interview, Edwards later handed investigators a notepad with more than 400 handwritten credit card numbers on them. He also gave investigators five altered credit cards. “To date, investigators have determined that Edwards and Klutts were in possession of approximately 1,200 credit card numbers,” the document says. The complaint doesn’t give details on the locations of the potential victims.   [Source: Star-Telegram]

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