Cop Confronts Shoplifter With Gun and Taser

A 50-year-old man who stole underwear from Walmart found himself staring at a taser and a gun held by a single police officer and then feeling the officer’s knee on his back. That incident took place last Wednesday at 2:30 PM in the parking lot of the Route 80 Walmart, as onlookers gathered.

The police department immediately began a review of the incident — not because the officer necessarily did anything wrong, but because all displays of force undergo a three-part review, said Police Chief Renee Dominguez. The officer, Christian Carfora, has not been placed on leave. The chief said the review began before the Independent began inquiring about the incident last week.

The shoplifter arrested in the incident, Robert Banks, told the Independent he didn’t understand why the officer confronted him in that way. Banks admitted he had shoplifted underwear and socks from the store. He also admitted he was under the influence of drugs he had begun taking after a friend died.

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“I’ll be honest with you. I was a little out of it, and I stole some stuff,” he said in an interview. “To be honest, I am ashamed…”   New Haven Independent

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