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Retail Investigations Taking up Your Time? Transform The Way You Manage Video Requests

Join this webinar to learn how you can reduce the costs to securely share evidence with investigators and attorneys.

WEBINAR: Anatomy of a Cyber Attack – Watch Now

As cyber criminals continue to evolve their tactics, it is imperative that businesses become more vigilant to combat cyber attacks. Watch the on-demand webinar "Anatomy...

NOW ON DEMAND: Workplace Violence and Active Shooter: Developing a Culture of Preparedness in...

When violence erupts in a workplace, the outcome and events of the scenario are unpredictable. Injury or death of building occupants, lawsuits, property damage,...

NOW ON DEMAND: Sears’ Positive Experience of Moving Security Tagging from Store to Factory...

Catalyst will explore their journey with Sears, offering you the opportunity to take an in-depth look into the benefits of source tagging and recirculation....

NOW ON DEMAND: Dealing with First Offenders: A Success Story in Arlington, Texas

NOW ON DEMAND: You do not want to miss this important discussion of successful Restorative Justice programs at Walmart stores. This webinar session outlines the...
Analytics Data Loss Prevention Strategy Retail Asset Protection, retail data analytics

The Evolution of Asset Protection Analytics

LAST CHANCE TO SIGN UP: You do not want to miss this important discussion on the evolution of asset protection analytics! This upcoming webinar session...

Inventory Shrinkage Costs $123.4 Billion Dollars to Retailers Globally

Inventory Shrinkage: The 2014-2015 Global Retail Theft Barometer Now available on demand by clicking here. Inventory shrinkage costs $123.4 billion dollars to retailers globally, and that,...

More than Just Surveillance Cameras: How Guitar Center Streamlined its LP Activities

Security Camera System via Open Platform IP Solution Goes Beyond Loss Prevention

How Restorative Justice Supports Retail Brands, Helps Communities, and Impacts Individuals

Find out how these programs are better than traditional shoplifting penalties for everyone

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Promoting a culture of honesty requires implementing a strong employee theft policy and internal awareness program.


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The safety of store associates, customers, and millions of dollars in potential litigation rely upon understanding these issues.


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This report shows how CCTV/video and alarm systems can enhance the safety and security of retail locations.