Store Security

Next Level Training and Certification Offered to the Physical Security Industry

Group337 partners with Momentum Security Training to offer an online, context-based education platform to the physical security industry.
NGS defend your glass

A Tiered Approach to Storefront Protection: Maximizing Results, Minimizing Costs

A hardened, layered approach to security repels would-be looters, mitigates loss from storms, and prevents costly business disruption.
Customer safety from threats of violence in retail

Maximizing the Value of Preventing Threats of Violence in Retail

With many factors acting as a drag on in-store shopping, retailers can ill afford to have threats of violence and robbery deter customers.
Protos vendor network

Protos’ Vendor Management Strategy

Protos Security reshaped the industry with a unique approach of matching the best vendors for our clients’ needs through our managed service model.
Medeco where is the key?

The Investment in Your Security Is Only as Good as the Security of Your...

Key control management are an often overlooked but integral part of any retail loss prevention security system or policy.
Knightscope robot security

Security Robots Protecting the Places We Live, Study, Visit, and Work

Knightscope offers Autonomous Security Robots that deter, detect, and report unwanted behavior and criminal activity.
Anatomy of the DefenseLite System

Eliminate the Weakest Link in Your Retail Security Strategy

In the retail world, glazed windows and doors are the weakest link for preventing break-ins and smash-and-grab crimes.
AFA Protective Systems

Are You Prepared?

A well-planned protective strategy starts with an experienced team who will pinpoint key areas of risk.
Prosegur security operations center

Prosegur and Security & Safety Things to Develop New AI-Enabled Security Services

Prosegur will incorporate AI-infused video analytic applications from the Security & Safety Things platform into the Prosegur “SOC as a service” offering.
retail risk assessment

Protecting Your Business with a Safety and Security Risk Assessment

Identifying the dangers to a business requires a comprehensive risk assessment conducted by a qualified professional.
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