Shoplifting & Organized Retail Crime


Are Thefts by Senior Citizens Rivaling Juvenile Shoplifting?

For many years, the stereotype of the amateur shoplifter has been a juvenile shoplifting offender pilfering candy, makeup, and other minor items from retail...
Setting the Stage for an Organized Retail Crime Strategy 2

Building an Organized Retail Crime Team

Editor's Note: Organized retail crime remains an ongoing challenge for loss prevention programs across the country. The following article excerpt provides a historical account on...
ORC Investigator Surveillance Training

The Advantages of Surveillance Training for ORC Investigators

Those within the loss prevention field have observed the trend to deviate away from hiring private investigators (PI) to do your organized retail crime...

The Prisons are Full: The Impact on Retail Crime

Retail losses due to external theft continue to rise and a major reason is that those people involved in retail crime can continue with...
retail crime

Addressing Organized Retail Crime: Law Enforcement and Retail Partnerships

Following is an example of a successful partnership between retail loss prevention and local law enforcement that resulted in the dismantling of an organized...
organized theft

The Organized Theft “Sales Cycle”

Forty years ago, organized theft (now called organized retail crime, or ORC) plagued the East Coast. Gangs of professional thieves from various countries in...

Walking the Walk, But Talking the ORC in Europe

According to Wikipedia, the orcs in Tolkien’s fantasy trilogy Lord of the Rings are “a race of creatures used as soldiers and henchmen by...

A Formula for Fighting Organized Retail Theft

What started out as a small meeting in Houston to discuss the problem of infant formula theft led to arguably one of the most...

Learning from Leaders at the 2016 GRAORCA Retail Crime Conference

The Georgia Retail Association Loss Prevention Council (GRALPC) and the Georgia Retail Association Organized Crime Alliance (GRAORCA) held their 6th Annual Retail Crime Conference...

Organized Retail Crime Training Strategies for Your Team

Petty thieves can be a problem, but they can usually be managed with a capable loss prevention team. However, when the criminals get more...
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