Shoplifting & Organized Retail Crime

Organized Retail Crime Training Welcomed by Broward County Deputies

As is true with so many of today’s greatest challenges, education is the key to finding solutions. The willingness to expand our base of...

Preparing for Safe Stores in ORC Storms | Ep. 71

With retailers being assaulted by ORC gangs who smash-and-grab their way through the store, what are retailers doing to collaborate and help support safety in stores and across store teams?

An Ounce of Prevention: 5D Retail Theft Prevention across the Five Zones

Criminologists and security researchers have developed several ways of thinking about and solving crime problems. The LPRC’s 5D Retail Crime and Loss Prevention concept refers to broad strategies that focus on five tasks

ON-DEMAND: Fighting Organized Retail Crime Can Lead to “Electric” Results

Following the money and outside-the-box thinking at Lowe's resulted in an $11 million case and the recovery of warehouses full of stolen electric wire.

Attracting and Developing Diverse Talent: Target’s AP Leader Oscar Arango

Oscar Arango is vice president of assets protection at Target. His thirty years of experience includes loss prevention management roles with Timberland and Urban Outfitters prior to Target.

Money Laundering Expert Explains Following the Money | Ep. 70

Kevin McMenimen speaks with Senior Director of Anti-Money Laundering Lauren Kohr and Project Coordinator and Researcher Tiffany Polyak with the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS).
Follow the Money ORC

ON-DEMAND: Following the Money to Identify and Dismantle ORC Networks

Finding and following the money as it flows through legal and illegal channels is critical to identify the network, build the case, and ultimately dismantle the ORC operation.

3 ORCA State Organizations Join the Auror Platform

This partnership provides the ORCAs with the ability to record, investigate, and collaborate on retail crime events and help them solve ORC cases faster.

RILA’s Executive Team Explains the Value of the INFORM Act | Ep. 69

In this podcast, the executive team at RILA discusses the latest on retail’s push for the federal INFORM Act.

Shoplifter Safety: Knowing When to ‘Let It Go’

Confronting a shoplifter always carries with it the potential for an unpredictable outcome, and while most shoplifting apprehensions result in the shoplifter cooperating, it’s critical that we remain alert and aware, prepared for the unexpected and knowing how to react. Most importantly, this also requires having the judgment and fortitude to let it go when the situation calls for it. It could end up being one of the most important decisions that you make.
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