Shoplifting & Organized Retail Crime


Organized Retail Crime Training Strategies for Your Team

Petty thieves can be a problem, but they can usually be managed with a capable loss prevention team. However, when the criminals get more...
organized theft

Organized Retail Crime: Are We to Blame?

You may be exhausted from hearing all the bad news regarding organized retail crime (ORC). Sure, we hear about large arrests made on organized...
Retail Crime Prevention BID Society

The BID Movement and Its Link to Retail Crime Prevention

History has shown that less is more in terms of reducing centralized control and complexity. In the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron tried—but failed—to...

The Debate Over Restorative Justice Programs

A recent article by the American Bar Association’s ABA Journal posed the question, “Are private education programs for shoplifters a second chance or extortion?” The...
juvenile shoplifting consequences

Retail Theft Statistics: Staying Focused on What’s Really Most Important

There are many different ways that retail theft statistics can be applied in order to show how the many different ways that shoplifting, employee...
Shoplifting Image

Juvenile Shoplifting Rings Use Social Media to Discuss Retail Theft

In April 2014, a Tumblr user published a list of Tumblr accounts operated by what she called "Tumblr's Bling Ring." The juvenile shoplifting rings were...
Shoplifter Shoplifting and theft

What a Shoplifter Is Really Thinking

Have you ever wondered what a shoplifter is truly thinking? According to the latest retail theft statistics, the 2015 National Retail Security Survey reported shoplifting...
shoplifting laws

Macy’s Shoplifting Penalty Challenged in New York

Recently a New York judge mandated in a lawsuit against Macy’s Department Stores that the retailer refrain from detaining and requiring suspected shoplifters to...
retail theft ring shoplifting, security in shopping malls. catching shoplifters, prop 47

ORC Investigator Training

When the ORC team at Limited Brands was dealing with sophisticated criminals in 2007, it became clear that we needed talented loss prevention professionals...
EyeOnLP Zellman Group

EyeOnLP: ORC Management and Successful Civil Recovery

Watch and listen as EyeOnLP digs into the backstory of The Zellman Group and why, after 18 years, the company has decided to focus on ORC recovery.
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