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money laundering explained

Money Laundering Explained—for Retailers

I don’t believe there is an accurate figure out there that gives a good indication of the cost impact of money laundering on the global economy, but I have seen figures estimating hundreds of millions to trillions.
retail innovation ideas

Retail Innovation Ideas: Dangerous When Forced

When planned, innovation is an essential part of the evolution of retail. But when retail innovation ideas are forced on an organization, they can be a toxic time burglar.
cash handling best practices, cash handling procedures retail

Cash Handling Procedures in Today’s Retail Environment

Today's cash handling solutions offer a maze of options, and at the risk of being distracted by cat videos, YouTube provides useful tutorials on the range of choices and a chance to watch units in action.

It Seems Like Every Retailer is Chasing Amazon—But Not Every Imitation Strategy Works

Some efforts that seem like a good idea don't work. Just ask Walmart.
e-commerce today

The Reality of Retail and E-commerce Today

The more retail e-newsletters and alerts you receive, the worse you may feel with the constant drumbeat of store closings, retailers filing bankruptcy, and elimination of jobs in our sector. Is this reality, or is it Chicken Little syndrome?
retail pre-employment assessment

Do Retail Pre-Employment Assessment Tests Minimize Turnover?

More retail industry employers are using pre-employment screening tests to find better employees.

How’s It Going at Amazon Go?

Amazon Go, the company's first revolutionary store without a cashier, opened on January 22, 2018. It's been six months. So, how's it going?
Retail Industry, retail traffic counters

Why It’s Critical to Use Retail Traffic Counters

Traffic and conversion analytics focus on what happens before the transaction is recorded in your POS or CRM system...if one is ever recorded at all. That's what makes traffic and conversion data especially useful. Together, they tell us about the sale we almost had.
customer conversion rate

How to Improve Your Customer Conversion Rate

In the aftermath of the dot-com bubble in the early 2000s, online marketers realized they couldn’t merely focus on generating website traffic; rather they needed to focus on their customer conversion rate—getting more visitors to buy. The same is true in brick-and-mortar retailing.

Many Say the Brick-and-Mortar Retail Industry Is Dying. Here’s Why They’re Wrong.

When I was growing up in retail, the word was that "department stores are dying. That was in the early 1980s. Then came the...

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