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Inside Scoop with a Fraudster Podcast | Ep. 4

In the final episode of LPM’s  Inside Scoop with a Fraudster Podcast featuring Alexander Hall and Stefanie Hoover, the two discuss the frightening reality of identity theft, and how to conquer it.
retail employee theft

How Retail Businesses Can Take a Stand Against Employee Fraud

Unfortunately, with retail employees leaving jobs more frequently and an increased reliance on seasonal workers, employee fraud is on the rise.

Unpacking Crypto: New Currency or Money Laundering Tool?

Cryptocurrency can help combat centralized financial power. But it can also attract criminals who use it to steal and commit fraud.

Inside Scoop with a Fraudster Podcast | Ep. 3

In episode three of LPM's Inside Scoop with a Fraudster podcast series, Stefanie Hoover, CFI and Alex Hall talk about why check fraud is still a viable fraud method—and one that can do a lot of damage to retailers.

Managing Self-Checkout: The Potential Role of Video Analytics

The growth in the use of various types of self-checkout systems (SCO), especially, but not exclusively in grocery, is one of the defining transformations of 21st century retailing.

Eye in the Data: Focus on What Retail Fraudsters Buy, Not What They Steal

Retail fraudsters are always coming up with new ways to sneak unpaid merchandise out of stores, making it hard to proactively mitigate losses.

3 Data Behaviors That Give Away External Retail Fraud

Refund fraud is a major concern across all retailers. It is a favorite methodology of organized retail crime rings, whether via returning items they just plucked off the shelf, buying a premium item and returning a cheap knockoff for a full refund, or one of many other schemes.

Inside Scoop with a Fraudster Podcast | Ep. 2

Episode Two of the Inside Scoop with a Fraudster podcast continues the revealing conversation between LP Magazine's Stefanie Hoover and Alexander Hall.

2022 Retail Returns Rate Remains Flat at $816B

Consumers are expected to return more than $816 billion worth of retail merchandise purchased in 2022, according to a report released today by the National Retail Federation (NRF) and Appriss Retail.

To Beat Chargeback Fraud, Start Building Partnerships

Today, illegitimate credit card chargebacks, known as “friendly fraud," cost sellers a staggering $125 billion per year.
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