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The Loss Prevention Magazine podcast keeps loss prevention professionals, security staff, and retail management up-to-date on important information and best practices for your business and career. Each episode features insights from retail loss protection, asset protection, law enforcement and more.

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LPM Podcast

How to Maintain an Engaged Working Relationship When Working Remotely | Ep. 5

Building and maintaining strong working relationships with your managers is critical to your success in any job in any organization. That’s a tall order...
LPM Podcast

Taking a Bite Out of Organized Retail Crime | Ep. 4

LAAORCA, the Los Angeles Area Organized Retail Crime Association, is still active and growing as a law enforcement-retail loss prevention partnership in the Los...
LPM Podcast

Three Ways to Tame Your Operating Budget with Lock and Key Management | Ep....

Hidden costs are those unforeseen expenses added on to purchases. We all know them. They can be minor, such as our airline charges or...
LPM Podcast

How Retailers Should Prepare for Hostile Events | Ep. 2

Jerry Wilkins of Active Risk Survival Inc. discusses the preparation required for potential “Hostile Events” within the retail space. With the growing number of...
LPM Podcast

Why Data Science Is Everywhere Now | Ep. 3

Cheryl Blake and Troy Rhein of Verisk Retail discuss how data science can impact a business and support your asset protection strategy.

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