Loss Prevention Technology

Customization, Cooperation, and Culture: 3 Keys to Successful Retail Innovation

It seems increasingly clear that innovation is the difference maker in today’s great retail shakeout. Success—and perhaps even survival—rests squarely upon it. But innovation in today’s world of retail is not a singular thing. One requirement is custom configuration of the business tools that retailers use to drive their businesses forward.

GPS Technology Takes Asset Protection to the Next Level

As violent retail robberies go, it was fairly typical. Three individuals entered a Memphis, Tennessee, pawn shop in June and robbed it, making off...

CONTROLTEK Releasing New EAS Tag for Boxed Merchandise at LPRC Event

CONTROLTEK will be at the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) Impact conference demonstrating their newest tag designed to protect boxed merchandise—the SurfaceTag. The event...

Analytics Has Never Been a Four-Letter Word in Loss Prevention

Analytics has always been a critical aspect of loss prevention and retail. We could never survive as businesses—or as professionals—without the use of analytics. Yet while the use of data analytics has made huge strides with the help of today’s technology, we can never afford to lose sight of just how important it is to everything that we do.

BurgerBusters Rolls Out Envysion to 140-plus Locations to Crack Down on Theft and Improve...

One of the largest Taco Bell franchise operations in the United States, BurgerBusters Inc., announced its full adoption of the Envysion Restaurant Suite to...

The Open Security & Safety Alliance Celebrates One-Year Anniversary Membership Milestone

The Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA), an industry body comprised of leaders, influencers and innovative organizations from all facets within the security, safety...

Zebra Technologies Introduces New Solutions to Improve Retailers’ Performance Edge

Zebra Technologies announced easy-to-deploy, cost-effective solutions to streamline retailers’ operations from front-of-store to the warehouse. In today’s on-demand economy, these solutions help retailers improve...

The Improbable History of the Ink Tag

"Let me get this straight. You’re asking us to spend over $3 on a tag with a scary warning label and glass vials filled with indelible dye. If a shoplifter tries to remove it without the right detacher, the vials will explode, and the dye will ruin the garment. You’ve got to be kidding!” LP executive [circa 1990]

Sensormatic Powers Retail Operations with Combination of Smart, Connected Theft Detection and Cloud-based Shrink...

Retailers now have a powerful combination of cloud-based shrink management services in a single, smart detection platform to enhance store performance, maximize electronic article...

Genetec announces ClearID, a New Self-service Physical Identity and Access Management System

Genetec ClearID™, a self-service physical identity and access management (PIAM) system that standardizes and enforces security policies to help make organizations more efficient, compliant...

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