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Exercise Your Technology Muscles to Meet Shifting Security Requirements

From a strategic perspective, lessons for loss prevention teams from the COVID-19 pandemic include the importance of flexibility and knowing your technology, according to...

ON-DEMAND: Managing Retail LP with Intelligent Video+Data Solutions

How retailers can save valuable time during investigations and with their day-to-day operations—all from one platform.

A New Computer Vision Platform for Facial Recognition and Health Compliance Monitoring Released

A new enterprise computer vision platform, CMatch AI, was just released by CONTROLTEK. Powered by cutting edge, deep learning technology, CMatch AI delivers real-time,...

New Remote Monitoring Video Solution That Doesn’t Require a DVR on Location

Prosegur USA announced a new cloud-based surveillance video solution for small systems of up to four cameras that does not require a digital video recorder (DVR) to be installed on-location.
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Where Will You Find Value? A Deep Dive into the Power of Integration

Big or small, a retailer has a range of technology options to improve security and loss prevention—but none of those should be used in a silo.

Hanwha Premiering New PoE Extender Cameras at ISC West

Hanwha Techwin America will demonstrate new PoE extender cameras at ISC West 2020, in booth 14079. These unique cameras are designed to save integrators...

Genetec Shares Its Top Physical Security Trends Predictions for 2020

The key trends from Genetec’s perspective include artificial intelligence, facial recognition, physical identity management, blockchain, and cybersecurity.

Agilence Adds Artificial Intelligence (AI) and All New Mobile Capabilities in Latest Software Release

Agilence recently announced it’s 2.8 release of the Agilence Data Analytics Platform that adds new AI features and a dedicated app-based user experience to shorten the analytics learning curve for enterprise businesses.

2020 Retail Trends That Will Impact Asset Protection

Technology is not here to eliminate us; it’s here to make our jobs and lives easier. Retail will continue to evolve with technology. As retailers, our responsibility is to focus our efforts on improving the customer experience using the new tools at our disposal.
Genetec Transaction Finder

Security Center Transaction Finder Helps Retailers Detect Theft Trends Faster

Genetec recently announced a POS integration tool with exception-based reporting capabilities that is designed to help retailers speed up their investigations.

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