Searching for Reality in Retail

Read any retail trade publication or mainstream news-media article about our industry, and chances are that you will walk away feeling bearish on the future of this business. Go to a retail trade show, and you are likely to hear speaker after speaker emphasizing change, business disruption, moving to e-commerce,   Read More

Conversion Rate Optimization

Loss prevention professionals and the LP industry in general have and continue to do an admirable job of bringing new analytic capabilities to their organizations. As I described in my article “Using Loss Prevention Technology to Support Traffic Counting and Conversion” published in January-February 2013, I have long believed that   Read More

A Mall Within a Store?

Once the symbol of American retail strength that was exported across the globe, the mall is seeing a hazy future. As people shop more online and want something different from their downtime, the mall has become a destination that is approached as a last resort rather than a first choice.

There   Read More

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