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You Call That a Success? Think Again

That next time you pick up the phone after an interview, set a new standard and redefine what it means to be “successful.”

Understanding the Rules of Engagement for Interviewing

There are numerous parts of an investigation or an interview that are consistently under review for policy or legislative changes.

What Do You Expect Interview Subjects to Remember?

Interrogative specialists review the importance of flashbulb memories, potential trauma, and other components to consider while interviewing.

Applying Effective Interviewing Skills to Organized Crime Investigations

In addition to advanced resources and tangible solutions, there is a foundational and often overlooked tool in the battle against ORC—the power of communication.
Empathy in employee theft interviews

Showing Empathy in Employee Theft Interviews

Showing empathy to a subject during an interview can sometimes be a difficult and confusing task for the interviewer.

In Interviewing, One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Sweatpants, maybe, but interview methodologies are a bit different when it comes to a one-size-fits-all approach.

I Did It, But…

Obtaining a confession may be one of the possible successful conclusions of an interview, it goes far beyond hearing somebody say, “I did it.”
interviewing liar

Liar, Liar! Why Aren’t Their Pants on Fire?

Behavior is an important part of communication but should not be solely used to classify the subject as innocent or guilty.

Who Tells Lies?

As any investigator, evaluate the information and where it comes from, then check it before you pass it along.

Industry Pioneer Dave Zulawski Announces His Retirement

A long-time mentor, innovator, and thought leader across the industry, David Zulawski has announced his retirement effective Jan. 31, 2021.
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