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“All Thumbs” Has Taken on New Meaning

For generations the term “all thumbs” has generally insinuated someone who is physically awkward or clumsy, lacking skill or grace, especially with respect to...

No One Winning Approach to Loss Prevention Culture

“I have worked in loss prevention for a number of years now and recently joined a new company. At my new company, I have...

In Terms of Professional Development, Relevance is a Product of Evolution

In the digital space, the concept of evolution is a frequent topic of conversation. Naturally this makes a great deal of sense, as we...

How Will Retail Respond to a New Wave of Cyber Crime?

The retail industry faced unprecedented cyber crime conflicts in 2014 with a barrage of data breach incidents that exposed hundreds of millions of retail...

When Dealing with Shoplifters, Safety Is Always Our First Option

The evolution of loss prevention is a common topic of discussion throughout the industry. It is a focal point of many loss prevention conference...

And Our Survey Says…

What do you think about the top issues facing loss prevention professionals or the retail industry in general? If you could change one aspect...

Taking a Fresh Look

The team at LP Magazine want to provide you with the best possible resources to help support both industry needs and professional development. To...

What’s the Right Path?

Exploring career options and determining the best way to reach our goals is a journey that all of us have spent many sleepless nights...

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