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The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting retail in a significant way. Retail loss prevention and asset protection organizations are playing an important role in managing the safety of retail workers and customers as well as securing closed stores and the supply chain that is ensuring essential stores have the products necessary for consumers. This page is focused on COVID-related content updated daily that is specific to the LP industry that may not be available from other sources.

How Covid-19 Will Shape Holiday Retail Shopping in 2020

While Black Friday is still months away, a few predictions are safe to make now. Chief among them: For many households, consumers will be spending for the holidays no matter...

The Transition of Retail in a Post-COVID-19 Era

The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant impact on the retail industry. There have been mass closings due to social distancing measures, a heavy loss...

FDA Opens Door to Rapid, At-Home Testing for COVID-19

FDA opens door to rapid, at-home testing for COVID-19 The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday opened the door to COVID-19 testing that could be fast,...

Returning to Pre-Pandemic Consumer Confidence

Retailers that implement new processes that demonstrate they’re keeping people safe will undoubtedly be seen favorably by shoppers.
Video Solution for Social Distancing Compliance

New Video Solution for Social Distancing Compliance Now Available

Prosegur USA announced a new video analytics-based solution for monitoring social distancing compliance in stores, offices, and other facilities.
RILA President Brian Dodge

Take a Stand. Wear a Mask.

To say that wearing a mask in public has become politicized is an understatement. The controversy has created a conundrum for retailers.
LPM Podcast

Advance Auto Parts on Retooling During a Pandemic | Ep. 30

The Advance Auto Parts team explains how they supported stores as the pandemic unfolded while implementing a new exception reporting technology.
retail fraud

True Cost of Fraud Study Finds 7.3% Increase for US Retailers

The 2020 LexisNexis study compares fraud rates, impacts, and challenges related to fraud detection and prevention year-over-year and during COVID-19.
CMatch mask detection system

Health Compliance System for Automatic Temperature Screening and Mask Detection

CONTROLTEK’s CMatch AIA Health Compliance system is a non-contact screening terminal for temperature verification, mask detection, and facial recognition.
crisis leadership

Leadership in a Pandemic: 5 Principles to Follow

Now is the time for bold, compassionate leadership. Employees and customers are looking to corporate as well as team leaders to lead.
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