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The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting retail in a significant way. Retail loss prevention and asset protection organizations are playing an important role in managing the safety of retail workers and customers as well as securing closed stores and the supply chain that is ensuring essential stores have the products necessary for consumers. This page is focused on COVID-related content updated daily that is specific to the LP industry that may not be available from other sources.

Sneeze Guards with T-Legs

New Portable Sneeze-Guard Protection Screens for Retailers

Siffron has introduced new protective screen solutions specifically designed for preventing germ transmission at retailer-customer interaction points.
female shopper looking at clothing display

Survey Finds US Shoppers Cautious about Retail Reopening Strategies

The results offer a glimpse at how consumers view the current in-store shopping experience and their pain points with e-commerce operations.
LPM Podcast

Building Public-Private Partnerships to Defeat ORC in Post-COVID Retail | Ep. 27

In this podcast, our panel of experts from both retail and law enforcement discuss what it takes to build key public-private relationships to combat ORC.
mask wearing in retail

The Conundrum Facing Retailers with the Divisive Issue of Mask Wearing

On one hand, criminals prefer wearing masks, while on the other hand, some customers refuse to wear masks and can become violent when asked.
At the Supermarket: Checkout Counter Professional Cashier Scans Groceries and Food Items

The Robin Hood Dilemma of Retail

The same trusted employees who work overtime during this global pandemic to serve retail customers are becoming “social bandits” like Robin Hood.
distribution center

Supply Chain Study Provides Insights into Retail Response to Pandemic

The study identified vulnerabilities across the supply chain and need for investment in flexibility, visibility, and automation to improve resilience.

5 Steps to Prepare Your Cyberattack Communications and Response Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has opened new opportunities for hackers to infiltrate businesses and expose sensitive corporate data. Download this whitepaper today.
Health Compliance Solution

March Networks Announces New Health Compliance Solution

The solution combines data from video surveillance cameras and third-party sensors to alert operators in real time of potential compliance violations.
LPM May–June Print Edition

LPM May–June Print Edition Focused on COVID Pandemic

In case you missed seeing our recent May–June print edition, here is a rundown of some of the COVID-19 content it contained along with other editorial.
RILA President Brian Dodge

RILA President: Help Retail Workers Help You, Please Wear a Mask

If your choice is to be in public, then please think of those around you, including the retail employees who are working throughout this crisis.

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