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Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit video

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit at Work

Intelligence from Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit helped law enforcement remove more than 10,000 counterfeit automotive grilles from the global supply chain.

Over $10M in Fake Jewelry Seized at Cincinnati Airport

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers recently seized three shipments containing counterfeit jewelry—most of which were Cartier bracelets—at the CVG Airport in Cincinnati.

NBA and MLB Partner with CBP and Chamber of Commerce to Combat Counterfeiting

US Customs and Border Protection and the Chamber of Commerce are teaming up with the NBA and MLB to combat counterfeit goods.

$3.5 Million in Fake Jewelry Seized by CBP Officers in Louisville

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers in Louisville are seeing nightly counterfeit jewelry shipments arriving from locations known to produce fakes.

When Did Counterfeit Become Cool?

Unfortunately for high-end retailers, there seems to be a growing comfort with—even preference for—counterfeit luxury goods.

Counterfeit Abortion Pills Flood the Market

Counterfeit, potentially unsafe abortion pills are flooding the internet after the Supreme Court gave states the right to ban abortion last month.

$11M in Illicit Medicines Seized in Global Operation

Pharmaceutical crime is a major global public health concern, with the trade of counterfeit and illicit health products affecting all countries.

More Than $630K in Counterfeit Merch Seized Before Premier League Match

Homeland Security Investigations Houston, the Houston Police Department, and US Customs and Border Protection seized more than 6,593 items of counterfeit soccer merchandise.

Authorities Warn of Counterfeiters Ahead of Premier League Soccer Match

Counterfeiters routinely target major sporting venues and other entertainment events such as the Premier League soccer match to illegally sell counterfeit apparel, merchandise, and tickets.
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Online Marketplaces at Heart of $1 Billion Chinese Counterfeit Scheme

Last week, the Department of Justice announced charges against a 38-year-old Miami resident accused of running a widescale operation to peddle counterfeit goods on online marketplaces.
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