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VIDEO: Delivery Driver Falls for Teen’s Prank; Follows ‘Unusual’ Delivery Instructions

A hilarious video of an Amazon worker delivering a package is going viral online. According to NBC4, a 13-year-old left an extra delivery note on...

Shoplifting Led to Attack on Two Officers; Suspect ID’d By His Grandmother

An arrest warrant made available on Monday provided more details about the stabbing and wounding of two sheriff’s deputies Saturday evening near the 4000...

US Customs Seize $4K Worth of Fake AirPods

Fake Apple products aren’t exactly new. Given their high-desirability, it’s not surprising that many counterfeiters are hoping to take advantage of that and profit...
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Shoplift Suspect Arrested with Loaded Laser-Sighted Handgun, Drugs

A 20-year-old man was arrested on several firearm and drugs charges Friday evening after allegedly attempting to shoplift from a store in Marshfield, authorities...

VIDEO: A $46 Door Knob, a Chase, and a Gun: How Police Pursued and...

Two officers fired 24 shots, killing a handcuffed man in a Walmart parking lot. In the months that followed that November incident, police in...

liquor Store Owner, 88, Explains Why She Shot Alleged shoplifter; ‘I’m Fed up’

Nashville liquor store owner May Boyce, an 88-year-old widow who stands 5-foot-3 and weighs 115 pounds, according to reports, got “fed up” of her...

‘Pent-up Demand’ and ‘Revenge Shopping’ are Driving US Retail and Restaurant Spending

National retail and restaurant spending jumped dramatically in May as stores and dining began to reopen across parts of the country during the coronavirus...

Pair Charged with Buying over $1M of Goods in Identity Theft Operation

Two men are facing numerous felony charges after they allegedly racked up over $1 million in purchases during an extensive identity theft operation, Lake...
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The Pandemic has Changed Retailing; Maybe Forever

As the pandemic shut down our shops, we adapted. We joined new online retail sites and placed orders in advance. For printer paper or...

Tracker from Stolen iPhone Leads to Arrest of 2 Accused of Looting

San Bernardino police have arrested two men suspected of looting a T-Mobile store last month after using the tracker from a stolen iPhone to...

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