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Suspect Charged with Shoplifting, Fleeing, Pulling a Gun, and More

According to authorities, troopers were dispatched to the Walmart at 1251 Centerville Road in the Prices Corner area around 11:20 AM on Monday, January...

Theft Leads to Foot Chase

A Columbia County man was charged with leading police on a foot chase after allegedly stealing merchandise from the Walmart on Fairview Avenue, Columbia...

Fraudster Sentenced to 8 Years in Hard Drive Theft Scheme

A 42-year-old man was sentenced to eight years in prison for participating in a complex theft scheme of computer hard drives, the Ventura County...

NYC Has a $10M Cybercrime Lab to Crack the iPhone

In a lab in New York City, two computers generate random numbers in an effort to guess the passcodes that keep smartphones seized by...

VIDEO: Shoplifting Suspects Fleeing Police Cause Rollover Crash

The crash happened about 2:30 PM Sunday on I-43 south at Silver Spring Road in Glendale (Wisconsin). Investigators said a 36-year-old woman and a...

5 Arrested for Grand Theft Auto

Five people were arrested after deputies say they tried to steal a vehicle from a Walmart parking lot in Jackson County. According to the Jackson...

Officer Hit by Car While Trying to Apprehend Shoplifting Suspects

An officer's foot was run over after trying to stop two shoplifting suspects at Mid Rivers Mall on Monday. The St. Peters Police Department...

Woman Accused of Trafficking Stolen Identities

A Dothan woman faces a charge of trafficking in stolen identities after she originally faced fraud charges. Lauren Melissa Tillery, 32, was arrested and...

New App Can ID Strangers with a Single Photo

A new app currently offered to law enforcement agencies and a handful of private companies can identify a stranger’s name and other personal information...

VIDEO: LP Associate Who Roughed up Would-be Shoplifter Catches Eye of UFC Boss

A Best Buy employee fired for beating up an alleged shoplifter may have a new job — with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). UFC boss...

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