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Foursome Arrested in Million-Dollar Burglary Ring

Four men believed to be part of a million-dollar burglary ring are now in custody after a burglary at Best Buy, according to Greenfield...

Trio Use Stolen Credit Cards in $110K Cruise Ship Shopping Spree

Three men were arrested Monday after racking up more than $110,000 in charges on stolen credit cards while on board Carnival Cruise Line's Victory...

Fraudster Gets 8 Years in Prison for Stolen Credit Cards

A suburban Illinois man has been sentenced to federal prison for using stolen credit card numbers to fund his luxurious lifestyle. Cameron York, 28,...

Employee Arrested for $4K Theft

A Hudson Valley, New York, teen is accused of stealing over $4,000 while working at the Poughkeepsie Galleria Target. On Monday, the Town of...

NJ Targets Retailers That Lack Gun Control Measures

New Jersey’s Democratic governor signed an executive order Tuesday morning barring the state government from doing business with firearms manufacturers and dealers that do...

Video: ‘Shoplifter’s Shocking Escape’ Turns Violent

Investigators released surveillance video Monday as they work to identify a man who threatened a Best Buy employee with a knife and pepper spray...

Suspect Attempts to Run Over Police Officer Trying to Detain Him for Theft

30-year-old Joseph Kelly was recognized by a loss prevention employee the moment he entered a Home Depot on August 15 as a habitual thief,...

Legal Maneuver Makes Minor Theft Charges Serious Crimes Punishable by Prison Time

Minor petty larceny charges often become felonies punishable with prison time under a policy retailers employ against shoplifters, according to a new report from...

Employee Accused of Racking up $10K in Charges on Customer’s Credit Card

In Alaska, the Fairbanks Police Department received a complaint in July from a man who said he received a bill for $10,260.39 bill on...

Video: ‘Apple Needs to Do More’ as Store Robberies Continue

Police in California are looking for three suspects after the Apple store in Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo was robbed, Thursday night. The suspects...

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