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Duo Accused Of Stealing Thousands In Merchandise after Chase

Antoine Whitney, 28, and Shakur Smikle, 18, both of Brooklyn, were arrested on Sunday, November 17, by Greenwich Police after an officer saw the...

Cargo Thieves Target Containers Rushed into US Ahead of Threatened Tariffs

Cargo theft across the US increased in the third quarter, with thieves targeting high-value items and making off with an average value of $155,709...

Police Warn of Organized Theft Ring Targeting Stores

With the holiday shopping season underway, Chicago police are warning shoppers about a professional theft ring, which it says has targeted stores along Michigan...

Online’s Booming Counterfeit Business Raises the Risk That Regulators Will Crack Down

Anyone charged with protecting Amazon’s image is having a tough month. On November 11, The Wall Street Journal wrote that the company’s website “increasingly...

Fraud is Top of Mind for Consumers Going into the Holiday Season

While the higher volume of shopping that occurs during the holiday season is a boon for retailers, comprising as much as 30% of their...

Indefatigable Shoplifter Who Has Been Busted 31 Times… Nabbed Again

Police said a Cleveland, Tennessee, woman who has been caught shoplifting at Walmart 31 times was most recently nabbed stealing from the JCPenney at...
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Beleaguered Retailer Needs a Miracle. But There are Few Signs It’s Getting One

Macy’s will report its third-quarter earnings on Thursday. How the results are may well affect the moods of investors as they watch the retailer’s...

Four Arrested in Shoplift Theft

Four St. Paul residents were arrested early Thursday morning after allegedly stealing $1,700 worth of merchandise from Walmart. The individuals made their first appearance...

VIDEO: From LP Manager to City Mayor

Barry McDonnell launched his write-in campaign to be the new mayor of Camas, Washington, just a little over a month ago, but he won...

Police Extradite Fraudster for 72 Counts in Credit Card Scheme

On October 29 Greenwich Police say a Scarsdale woman was arrested by the Westchester County Police Department for unrelated charges. Bernadette Thompson, 50, of Chase...

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