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Retailer Invests $700 Million to Retrain a Third of its US Workforce By 2025

Amazon announced this morning a plan to invest more than $700 million to retrain workers across the US to allow them to move into...

Two Small Kids Left inside 110-degree Car While Mom Shops

A mother was inside a South Carolina Walmart for more than an hour while her two small children were left inside a vehicle, according...
Gift Card Fraud

Cops Bust $1 Million-a-Month Gift Card Scam

The gift that kept on giving is giving no more. A Queens grand jury indicted 13 people accused of running a sprawling gift-card scam...

Fraudster Sentenced for Installing Credit Card Skimmers

A Tampa man has been sentenced to prison after he installed skimming devices that stole credit card information at Sarasota gas stations. According to...

Fleeing Theft Suspect Hit by Patrol Car

One of two fleeing theft suspects in Pennsylvania is on the mend after being hit by a police car. It all began around 5...

‘Slash and Grab’ Cargo Theft from Trucks and ‘Inside Jobs’ are on the Rise

Thefts from trucks remain the biggest criminal risk in logistics, accounting for 84% of cargo theft. But along with the problem of unsecured parking,...

Manager Hired Fake Employee to Pocket Wages

She hired a fake employee, clocking the worker in and out for about two months, all while pocketing the paychecks. The scheme came to a...

Police Identify Victims, Suspect in Deadly Restaurant Shooting

A worker at a south Charlotte Steak 'n Shake restaurant was killed during an attempted robbery Tuesday morning, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney said....
alcohol bottles

Trio Suspected of Trying to Steal $1,000 Worth of Alcohol

In California, three people were arrested after police say they tried to steal more than $1,000 worth of alcohol from a Vacaville Target store....

Attempt to Lift Vacuums Sucks Employee into Trouble

A Bed, Bath and Beyond loss prevention agent in Illinois,called police at 5:32 p.m. on July 5. Officers arrived at 215 Harlem Ave., and...

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