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Securitech has over thirty years experience creating and manufacturing the industry’s most effective emergency exit and stock room door locking products. Leading solutions include Trident™, MP Police Lock™ and the new Auto-Bolt™ Max. We specialize in multi-point deadbolt locking, which secures the door to the frame at 4 points like a bank vault door. Our innovations include automatic deadbolt locking, bolt position switches and complete access control system integration.

Trident™ joins code-compliance with maximum security for emergency exit doors. Tridents are easy to retrofit to existing doors. Vandal-resistant features include a frangible lever on entry models, which prevents using the lever to pull the door out of the frame (another industry first!). Delayed egress options provide compliant anti-grab and run protection and can even be added to existing Trident locksets.

MP Police Lock™ has been the go-to solution for interior stock room doors, as well as external locations like cell towers. Models are available for inswing and outswing doors. Keyed entry options include standard or removable core cylinder. Bolt position switch is a frequently ordered option and is tied into security or alarm systems ensuring the door is bolted at the end of the day.

Auto-Bolt Max™ (ABM) is Securitech’s latest award-winning multi-point deadbolt solution. ABM series locks project deadbolts instantly as the door closes and the lever-by-lever option is ideal for high-traffic doors. It already has become the standard for the emerging cannabis industry, used in grow house, dispensary and medical facilities. Surface-mounted and concealed models are available, with concealed requiring a new vertically-stiffened hollow metal door, making it more popular for new construction. The stainless steel housing for the surface-model is thru-bolted and retrofits to existing doors. Access control and signaling options are available.

Securitech does not shy away from new challenges and has been specified by security consultants for the security and life-safety compliance. Safe Haven locking, which protects employees during an active shooter or other threatening incident has been an area where Securitech has customized solutions for retailers across the world.

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