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For over a decade, Reveal has designed and built award-winning, smart, efficient and secure body worn video systems that transform the lives of frontline workers. We have always designed our cameras and produce our evidence management software with the user in mind, often striving to help solve a challenge which has yet to materialize. In 2017, we launched our retail associate camera when we saw the need for a small, independent witness for workers in retail environments where incidents of violence, aggression and anti-social behavior were becoming more commonplace. Fast forward to the post-Covid era and retailers are experiencing far greater pressure and volumes of incidents than ever before.

Since launching our retail camera, we have successfully introduced body-worn video for retailers across a range of industries. Whether the challenge was stock loss, organized retail crime, workplace safety or lone worker protection, our retail associate camera has time and again proven to generate results while proving popular with store associates. Our signature front-facing screen once activated by a one-touch record button has a proven de-escalation and calming effect. Being small, lightweight and flexible with a range of mounting options, the retail associate camera is unobtrusive and allows workers to go about their everyday tasks secure in the knowledge that they have the option to activate the camera should they need to. With our Digital Evidence Management Solution, DEMS 360, your digital evidence is securely stored and can be shared with trusted third parties, including law enforcement and control centers.

Our overarching approach is to partner closely with retailers to ensure they have the best possible experience and can run successful body camera projects that benefit their staff and the people they serve, while delivering a healthy return on investment.

Get in touch to discuss how we can combat your challenges and to discuss a proof of concept trial.

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