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For more than 30 years, CAP Index has been the leader in crime risk forecasting, serving over 80% of Fortune 100 companies. Today more than 5,000 businesses and government agencies use our CRIMECAST® Maps and Reports, analytics, and tools to help optimize resources, limit exposure, and minimize losses.

The company delivers solutions for a multitude of challenges. With their analytical and consulting expertise, web-based technology platforms, and innovative mapping tools, they are able to put actionable solutions in the hands of decision makers. The company helps security, loss prevention, and risk management professionals objectively measure, thoroughly analyze, and proactively manage locations, assets, and crime risks.

The industry-leading crime risk scoring system can be provided to assist with making the best possible decisions for your business, with product and service offerings designed to meet today’s complex challenges and industry demands.

CAP Index can provide a clear and concise report detailing crime forecasting risks for a single location or sophisticated analytics tailored by expert security professionals to meet your needs.

The firm’s proprietary approach employs hundreds of proven demographic predictors in tandem with millions of actual address-specific crime and loss incidents from public and private law enforcement, government, and corporate sources.

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