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7P’s advanced cargo security and loss prevention solutions offer retailers the most stringent security protocols and safeguards in the market today. Our supply chain security and product integrity monitoring capabilities are powered by a capable suite of products that includes GPS tracking devices, environmental monitoring sensors, and our robust software RouteWatch.

As Shrinkage and Organized Retail Crime continue to grow within the global supply chain it is more important than ever for loss prevention teams to have complete global supply chain visibility.

There are many challenges which add to the complexities of shrinkage and organized retail crime theft;
• Lack of visibility of global and domestic shipments
• Unpredictable lead times
• Excessive inventory within the supply chain

7P’s GPS and EDI technologies provide insight into the supply chain allowing loss prevention teams to understand trends, risk and inventory dollars within the supply chain.  Supply chain intelligence allows for faster decisions and protection of your Brand.

Utilizing 7P’s technologies provides loss prevention teams with the information they need to reduce shrinkage as well as others within the organization. Today GPS technologies go beyond the traditional “cargo security” protocols.

Ensure intelligent decision-making across various departments within the organization to include supplier/vendor PO performance, carrier performance, establishing receiving schedules and more.

Gaining efficiencies that reduce operational cost and the amount of inventory dollars in the supply chain using real-time global supply chain visibility.

Ask us today how real-time supply chain visibility, using EDI, light sensors and the proper GPS device can add dollars to your bottom line.

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