Breaking News in the Industry: October 12, 2017

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Employee accused of pocketing more than $5K

A Kenosha, Wisconsin, resident who worked at CVS, is accused to taking $5,670 from the till over the course of three weeks. According to the criminal complaint, Giovanni “John” L. Raimondi entered false lottery redemptions into the store’s cash register, removed the cash and placed it in his pocket. The store manager reported the activity to the Racine Police Department on October 9. The store’s loss prevention manager told police he’d observed Raimondi pocketing the cash on security video footage about 24 times between September 18 and October 8. As of Tuesday evening, Raimondi was in the Racine County Jail on a $5,000 bond. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for October 25.  [Source: The Journal Times]

Shoplifting suspect takes police on a wild ride

A shoplifting suspect is in custody after leading police on a wild chase in west Houston overnight. 

According to police, the suspect pulled out in front of officers at an AutoZone parking lot. 

The suspect attempted to stop his vehicle, but according to authorities, they were cautious about approaching the vehicle, fearing the suspect may have had a weapon in the car.

 Surrounded by police, the suspect fled the scene leading police on another short chase. The chase came to an end after Houston police used road spikes to disable the suspect’s car. 

When Eyewitness News asked the suspect why he ran, he said, “Because it was something to do.”

According to police, the suspect is charged with aggravated robbery and felony evading arrest.

Police are also testing to see if alcohol or narcotics were a factor.

 “It does appear that he was on some kind of narcotics, we are checking into that,” HPD Larry Crowson said. “The officers went back to the original auto parts store and found that he did shoplift in there, ran out, almost ran over the store manager as he was leaving.”  [Source: ABC13 Eyewitness News]

Detroit Police Chief addresses video of  cop beating suspected shoplifter [Video]

Detroit Police Chief James Craig is addressing use of force concerns after video of an off-duty cop beating a suspect suspected shoplifter was posted online. As it turns out, the chief said, the suspect seen in the video being struck with a baton didn’t steal anything from the Meijer store in Detroit. “I think that some of the anger on behalf of the suspect was that he felt that he’d done nothing wrong,” Craig told reporters Monday. Craig explained the cop, who is 65 years old and a 39-year veteran of the Detroit Police Department, was working as a security guard at Meijer when he confronted a 23-year-old Detroit man who was suspected of retail fraud and a struggle ensued.

Although Craig said it was discovered that no shoplifting had occurred (his companion had a receipt), because he acted aggressively, according to police, the young man was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. “Preliminary I can say that that he acted appropriately,” Craig said of the officer, “given the aggressive behavior of the suspect and his response to it. Also factoring in a growing group of people that surrounded him, certainly there were a lot of things that I can imagine were going through his head. “So preliminary I can say that the force was proper and that it was responsible to overcome the resistance,” the chief added. Craig stressed, however, an investigation is ongoing and “issues” may yet be found; especially concerning the tactics that led up to the use of force. What he would have preferred, Craig said, was that the officer request assistance, which could have deescalated the situation. Both the suspect and the officer involved are black. No names have been released. [Source: CBS Detroit]

Shoplifting suspect jumps through second-story window

A suspected shoplifter made a dramatic getaway Tuesday afternoon, jumping out of a second-story window of a comic book store right in Times Square. As reported, the scene itself was almost right out of a comic book. Sources said the alleged shoplifter was trying to steal something from Midtown Comics, and crashed through the window as he tried to make a run for it. Photos of the suspect as police took him into custody showed his arms bloody with injuries. Broken glass also littered the sidewalk below. A man who sells cellphone accessories on the street said he witnessed it all. “I heard a big crash; the window falling down,” he said. “I run to the middle of the street, turned around, somebody’s hanging on the ledge; getting cut; falling down. They drop. They hung and dropped. When they hit the ground, still trying to crawl; get away. The FDNY said the suspect was taken to NYU Langone Medical Center once he was in custody. Late Tuesday afternoon, crews were inside the comic book store measuring the opening left by the broken window to replace the glass so no one else falls. The comic book store declined to comment. The suspect was still being questioned as of late Tuesday afternoon, and it was not immediately clear what he was trying to steal.   [Source: CBS New York]

Seventy-one million unaware of Equifax breach

The Equifax hack is one of the most devastating of all time because it impacts roughly half of American adults… 145 million people. However, a new study reveals millions of consumers still don’t know about the breach or, perhaps worse yet, they have not done anything to check whether it may affect them.  A report released Tuesday by, 61 million consumers checked their credit report soon after learning of the Equifax breach. That blew up the phone lines at not only the Equifax headquarters in Atlanta but also at the three major credit bureaus. However, the report claims a staggering 71 million people affected remain unaware of the breach. In particular, the study found young Millennials, ages 18 to 26, are the most clueless about the incident. Half of them are unaware the breach even happened.  If that’s not bad enough, scammers already are out trying to exploit the situation. They’re calling people on the phone looking to have them give up their personal information such as their Social Security number.  [Source: ClickOnDetroit]

Three women caught stealing $3,000 of makeup

Three women got caught trying to steal almost $3,000 worth of makeup from the College Station, Texas, JCPenney. Police say Doina Rafaila, Georgiana Mihalace-Rafaila, and Florentina Lonita entered the store around 2:30 Tuesday afternoon. The loss prevention manager said he saw the three women make their way to the makeup counter. He said one of the women started grabbing merchandise and hiding it in the waistband of her skirt. The other two women were trying to hide her from view, during the theft. The group was caught in the parking lot after walking out of the store with over 150 items. All three women are being charged with felony theft of property. [Source: KBTX-TV]


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