Brawl between Employee, Suspected Shoplifter Turns Bloody

Running blurry paramedic woman rolling stretcher outside of ambulance car

A suspect ended up in a bloody brawl after a reported shoplifting incident in Santa Barbara, California, Tuesday. Witnesses say it initially occurred at the Foodland on San Andres Street. Police were called after a fight between a store employee and the suspect, a man who was later found shirtless and injured on the ground. The struggle went to a site on the concrete a half a block away.

Arriving fire engines asked for the AMR medics to come in urgently due to the injuries and the amount of blood from the fight. The incident is being investigated by the Santa Barbara Police department. The man was taken away to Cottage Hospital for treatment of his injuries beyond the care he received at the scene. Foodland has an inside display of suspect photos from those who have committed shoplifting crimes in the past.   [Source: KEYT3 News]

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