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William A. Alford LPC, CFE

William A. "Bill" Alford is president of International Lighthouse Group, a consulting company specializing in the creation and implementation of loss prevention-related programs for retail organizations across the country. Prior to establishing his consulting business, he held LP management positions with several major retailers over a twenty-year period. Alford is an active member of ASIS International and is also a frequent speaker before state, national, and international organizations and trade groups. He is the loss prevention consultant to the Food Marketing Institute. Alford is a contributing editor to LossPrevention magazine and has been involved in the development of the Loss Prevention Certification program.

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Workplace Safety

Avian Flu Pandemic!

Newspaper headlines like this are growing in frequency. It’s no wonder the $25 billion US poultry industry is watching this dreaded outbreak with intense scrutiny. A major outbreak in this country would cause consumers to stop eating poultry, temporarily damaging the industry as well at the restaurants that specialize in chicken products.

In the supermarket industry,