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Stefanie Hoover, CFI, is AVP strategic accounts and business development at ALTO USA. She is a member of the ASIS Retail Council and IAI Midwest Chapter Executive Board, and has over twenty years’ experience in retail loss prevention. She can be reached at shoover@alto-us.com.

Loss Prevention and The Big Quit

The truth is that a well-equipped loss prevention team can and should play a critical part in helping to retain good employees.

Working Together for Safer, More Successful Communities

When passion is directed, channeled, and funneled in a way that helps the larger community, our society reaps the benefits.

Battling the Beast of ORC

In addition to the quantifiable changes, retailers report a rise in the brazen nature and violence of ORC offenders, as well as a lack of accountability.

We’re in It Together

ALTO’s Chicago market Staff Attorney C. J. Orrantia, JD, outlines some of the legal changes coming to Illinois that will affect retailers.
Confessions of a Forensic Interviewer

Stefanie Hoover with Phone Interview Tips for Superheroes

As we all get used to a new normal, hopefully you’ll get excited about the prospect of phone interviewing. Here are some boiled down tips as a refresher.
Confessions of a Forensic Interviewer

Stefanie Hoover on Becoming the Interviewer You Want to Be by Using Small Habits

Are you a “great interviewer” or are you someone trying to do interviews? Are you a “loss prevention professional” or are you someone who catches bad guys? Finding the right definition for yourself can make all the difference.
Confessions of a Forensic Interviewer

Stefanie Hoover on CFI Benefits Beyond the Title

If you are thinking of giving yourself a gift this holiday, may I suggest the gift of the CFI designation? “What’s in it for me?” you ask? I’ve pulled together some food for thought to go with your holiday meal, starting with my two cents.

Stefanie Hoover with Holiday Tips for LP Pros

The holidays can be stressful in retail, to state the obvious. With crowded stores, frazzled employees, and grouchy customers, there may be days when you want to hide. They can also be a lot of fun as we try to close out our year with great results. During my career in retail, I’ve experienced a mix of both. Here are a few ways to help get through the next few weeks in one piece.
Confessions of a Forensic Interviewer

Stefanie Hoover on the Imposter Syndrome in Forensic Interviewing

Have you ever woken up and looked in the mirror and said to yourself, “I look like Keanu Reeves today?” And it’s not even young Keanu; it’s Keanu after his comeback? I’m not sure why these feelings come and go, but we all have good days and bad days. Here are seven tips for getting back on your game.
Confessions of a Forensic Interviewer

Stefanie Hoover on the Impact of “Toxic” Co-workers

Does it seem like we label everything around us now? A certain look on your face has a name, people are naming their cars,...
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