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Mimi Welch and Nicole Rogers

Mimi Welch is president of Transition Dynamics and provides coaching and consulting to leaders who are spearheading major change initiatives and culture changes. She specializes in intergenerational engagement and executive presence. Welch can be reached at Mwelch (at) TransitionDynamics (dot) net. Nicole Rogers is cofounder of GenIN Solutions, a professional development company specializing in intergenerational dynamics and creating purpose-driven organizations through coaching, workshops, advisory services, and e-coaching programs. Contact Rogers at nicole (at) genINsolutions (dot) com.

Articles by Mimi Welch and Nicole Rogers

Diversity in LP

Infusing Wisdom into Potential

Over the past fifteen years, our focus has shifted from women making it in male-dominated industries to older/younger generations trying to figure each other out. This is where my attention is aimed given that the leaders who come to me often want coaching on how to crack the code of