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Michael Gilligan

MICHAEL P. GILLIGAN is managing director of Hilco Asset Protection. He has been a loss prevention professional for nearly twenty-five years and has worked with virtually every type of retail concept, including department store chains, discount department stores, and specialty store chains. Prior to joining Hilco, Gilligan was an operating vice president with Federated Department Stores. In addition to studying criminal justice at St. John’s University, Gilligan has professional training in business continuity, which includes disaster recovery and managing against workplace violence.

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Weathering the Perfect Storm

Loss Prevention

Weathering the Perfect Storm

Despite consolidation and narrowing margins, retailing is healthier now than it has been in many years. It is also true that retailers are doing more to protect themselves…and their balance sheets…against margin erosion as well as the next cyclical downturn in sales. One measure adopted by almost every multi-store retailer is a more aggressive