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Maurizio Scrofani is an LPM contributing writer and supply chain asset protection professional with over 25 years of experience in retail and manufacturing, including leadership roles with Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Delonghi, and Toys "R" Us. He was cofounder and president of CargoNet, a supply chain theft prevention and recovery network solution of Verisk Analytics. Scrofani has been an active member of many organizations including the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals for New Jersey’s Roundtable, Rutgers Center for Supply Chain Management and most recently sits as an advisor with the pharmaceutical cargo security coalition. He is a lifetime charter member of the Loss Prevention Foundation. Scrofani received his economics and finance degrees from William Paterson University and his certificate in supply chain management from Penn State University. He is loss prevention certified (LPC) by the Loss Prevention Foundation and also certified as a cargo security professional (CCSP) from the American Trucking Association. He can be reached at maurizio (at) mpsconsultants (dot) com.

Servant Leadership in Loss Prevention

Modern-day servant leadership has roots in the principle that leaders are compelled to make the welfare of their team their top priority.

Maximizing the Use of Demand Signal Management in Supply Chain Asset Protection

A well-managed supply chain—one that mitigates threats—is fundamental to a productive business. In the present worldwide assembling conditions, where stock moves abroad or through different cities and countries before appearing at a store, the risks of incident or damage from cargo theft, atmosphere, work stoppage, and even work-area blunders requires innovative and intensive supply chain risk management solutions for supervising successfully.

Modern-Day Pirates Pillage Different Seas: The Endless Battle for Cargo Security

Risk is a cargo shipment's constant companion, whether it's sailing on seas, flying in the sky, or traversing the roads and rails. Here, we undertake a look-see into one extremely small segment of supply-chain risk: cargo crimes against domestic ground shipments while in transit.

Into the Rabbit Hole of Supply Chain Risk

The supply-chain web is spun so intricately that it's impossible to know it, truly. Perhaps the most we can aim for is to gain...
RFID technology radio frequency identification

RFID Technology and Its Use in Asset Protection

RFID technology allows companies to know where in their process any particular asset is, so they can monitor the speed of production, the time of delivery, or any other factor that will help them to see how long their processes actually take—and control assets by knowing where they are at any point in time.
LPM 0917 future of shopping malls infinity mirror

This Model Could Represent the Future of Shopping Malls

The future of shopping malls looks bleak in many ways. Could the "mall within a store" model be the right answer for today's consumers?
Supply-chain security management

The First Step to Improving Your Supply-Chain Security Management

A retailer that doesn’t get a loss problem under control has a real problem. It bites into profit margins and pushes them closer to the brink. But a proactive asset protection strategy changes all of that.
Cargo Theft, stolen cargo

The Lurking Costs of Cargo Theft

Cargo theft often is thought of as a silent and victimless crime, despite the fact that it accounts for losses of billions of dollars annually in the United States.
the best retail experience, future of shopping malls

A Mall Within a Store?

The future of online and offline shopping is constantly changing. What should malls be doing in order to stay with the times?
supply-chain security program, supply-chain risk mitigation

The Dangers of Inadequate Supply-Chain Risk Mitigation

A supply-chain asset protection (SCAP) and risk-management program should include supply-chain risk mitigation plans that help decrease the severity of disruptions throughout the value...
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