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Eric Mickelson

Eric Mickelson is a data analyst and Caseboard software trainer at 4Sec Global. He has 26 years of loss prevention experience in regional, district, area and store-level investigative and leadership roles. He previously worked in LP and security at Nordstrom, Tower Records, and the San Francisco 49ers. He holds associate's degrees in law enforcement and physical security and is working on his bachelor's degrees in IT/network security and computer forensics and criminology at Utah Valley University. He is also a graduate of the San Jose Regional Police Academy and is WZ certified and a certified digital forensics data analyst. He can be reached at emickelson (at) rocketmail (dot) com.

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Loss Prevention Software and Data Analysis

Loss Prevention Technology

Loss Prevention Software and Data Analysis

Data analysis is all about answering questions. To properly develop the questions, you must first identify your enterprise’s opportunities to increase profitability. Second, you need to identify the specific data needed to answer these questions. Finally, you must determine the tools and loss prevention software resources you can use to