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Caroline Cardone and Read Hayes, Ph.D., CPP

Caroline Cardone is a freelance writer and interior architect who splits her time between Sarasota Springs, New York, and West Palm Beach, Florida. After pursuing a graduate degree in interior design from the University of Florida, Cardone joined the university's Loss Prevention Research Team (LPRT) as a writer, editor and research assistant. Her work with the LPRT drove her interest in the connection between physical spaces affect and crime, and was the catalyst for her graduate research on how retail design influences shoplifter behavior. In between writing, editing and researching, she is an interior architect with the Phinney Design Group, an architecture firm located in Saratoga Springs. Read Hayes, Ph.D., CPP, is director of the Loss Prevention Research Council and co-director of the Loss Prevention Research Team at the University of Florida. Starting as a store detective, Dr. Hayes has over 30 years' hands-on loss control experience with numerous organizations, including Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Bloomingdales, CVS, Disney, Proctor and Gamble, and Sears. He has been a researcher and consultant since 1984. Dr. Hayes founded the University of Florida's National Retail Security Survey in 1989. His current research focus includes offender decision-making, total supply-chain protection, asset and key-product protection and premises violence, security, and safeness.
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The Evolving Impact of Return Fraud and Abuse

The concept of the retail return is a relatively new phenomenon. In the mid- to late-twentieth century, retailers began accepting returned merchandise as an...

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