ALTO US Partners with Transit Monitoring Expert 7PSolutions to Enhance ALTO’s Supply-Chain Risk Management Solution

ALTO US has partnered with 7PSolutions to integrate their GPS-GSM transit monitoring capabilities into the end-to-end ALTO AssuranceSM risk management platform.

By adding the telematic services and historical GPS data provided by 7PSolutions into ALTO’s comprehensive analytics dashboard, supply-chain managers will have simplified GPS and EDI data at their fingertips to improve their in-transit risk mitigation efforts. “Ultimately, customers will gain new capabilities to predict, analyze, visualize, and better manage in-transit transportation risk within their mutual supply chains,” said Jeff Clark, CEO of 7PSolutions.

The partnership with 7PSolutions is another step forward as ALTO establishes itself as an innovative solution provider in North America after more than a decade serving retailers and shippers in Latin America and Spain with proven success. “The amalgamation of raw data from 7PSolutions and other sources into ALTO’s robust analytics platform is a major advance toward realizing the exciting renaissance in the supply-chain security industry that we strongly support and are pleased to play an active role in,” said Maurizio Scrofani, LPC, CCSP, vice president of supply chain security and intelligence for ALTO.

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ALTO Assurance is a modular plug-and-play system that offers asset protection and risk management professionals visibility and compliance each step of the transit of goods to their stores. Using a combination of innovative tools to ensure assets under care and custody are at the right place, right time with accuracy, its integration mechanisms allow for holistic risk assessment with route review, tracking, and a robust audit library to provide supply-chain and logistics managers all the information needed to ensure controls are in place throughout the process. This approach is cloaked with a comprehensive business intelligence platform that focuses on managing a multitude of risk factors that reduces costs associated with delays, theft, and other preventable incidents—results that add to retailers’ bottom line from both expense reduction and enhanced operational efficiency.

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