ALTO: An Alliance That Protects Retailers and Empowers Communities

In the increasingly complex world of retail safety, the need for robust security and crime prevention has never been more critical. Retailers have long relied on diverse safety measures, technologies, and dedicated loss prevention teams to protect their assets. Yet, despite these investments, the challenge of effectively mitigating crime—and more significantly, ensuring accountability for those who disrupt the retail businesses—remains a difficulty.

ALTO: The Last Mile of Asset Protection Strategies

ALTO is the last mile in asset protection strategies by supporting retailers to deliver consequences for those who disrupt the safety of stores and their teams. It ensures that the final link in the chain—the pivotal point of long-term safety and accountability for those who disrupt it—is as strong and reliable as the first. This guarantees that the concluding measures in store safety procedures are just as strong and consequential as the preventive tactics, aiming for tangible outcomes and sustainable, long-term resolutions that don’t stop at loss prevention.

In 2023 alone, over 92% of legal cases supported by ALTO concluded with a favorable resolution, breaking the cycle of repeat offenses and enhancing the safety of in-store teams, customers and communities.

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By collecting data from in-store incident reports, ALTO’s tech-enabled in-store specialists analyze patterns and gather evidence to strengthen cases against disruptors who jeopardize store safety. Furthermore, ALTO’s local and in-house legal teams advocate for retail partners in court, ensuring accountability for those who disrupt store safety and business operations.

Far beyond a mere safety upgrade, ALTO serves as a strategic ally enabling retailers to concentrate on their primary operations as it spearheads the effort to combat criminal repercussions.

The ALTO Alliance: A National Network for Retail Crime Prevention

At the core of ALTO’s success is the ALTO Alliance, an extensive network that ensures collaborative and effective action against individuals who disrupt safety in stores and communities. This is achieved through the nationwide partnerships that ALTO has established throughout time with local and national retailers across twenty-six states (including D.C. and Puerto Rico), with more than 1,300 law enforcement agencies, 500 legal jurisdiction systems, and other community stakeholders, all supported by ALTO’s legal and expert teams. This collaborative model provides a unified front in the fight against retail crime.  The ALTO Alliance’s structure is as innovative as its mission. In-house legal teams and on-site specialists are strategically deployed at the local level, working hand-in-hand with retailers, law enforcement and prosecutors to proactively manage incidents and collect the data necessary to hold offenders accountable. Last year, ALTO nationwide legal teams interacted with law enforcement and prosecutors 28,000 times or 540 times a week, advocating for optimal outcomes for Alliance retail partners on a local level.

Redefining Retail Safety Solutions with Accountability

ALTO’s solution ensures that reported cases are diligently pursued, culminating in a track record of disruptor accountability that fundamentally reshapes retail crime prevention.

By prioritizing solutions beyond punitive measures, ALTO sets a new standard. Through initiatives such as alternative sentencing (utilized in 29% of cases in 2023), ALTO demonstrates its commitment to rehabilitation when appropriate. This comprehensive strategy, emphasizing appropriate sentencing, proves both ethical and impactful, acting as a strong deterrent for retail crime offenders.

In 2023 alone, ALTO’s dedicated legal teams made over 8,000 court appearances on behalf of Alliance retailers and delivered evidence, both to law enforcement and prosecutors for retail crime case building, more than 16,500 times. This persistent effort, combined with a keen focus on understanding recidivist patterns, has resulted in notable improvements in case resolution..

Partnering for a Safer Tomorrow

ALTO’s retail solution fosters a culture of safety and responsibility across the industry. Successes in holding disruptors accountable in historically challenging markets like Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, and New York are testaments to its efficacy. Retailers looking to fortify their strategies against retail crime can rely on ALTO to enhance safety for their store teams, customers, and communities. ALTO ensures that disruptions in retail are effectively resolved, embodying a concept of retail safety where both justice and protection are essential. For more information about ALTO, visit 

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