Albertsons Partners with ALTO US to Implement a Technology Platform and Community-Focused Strategy to Reduce Retail Crime

ALTO US recently announced that Albertsons Companies has selected to implement the retail risk management solution, ALTO AllianceSM, a technology platform with comprehensive analytics that ties together retailers’ data with industry-wide resources, efficiently bridging the gap between retail, law enforcement, and the judicial system to facilitate prosecution of repeat offenders and organized retail crime gangs.

“Retailers have struggled to find a solution to reduce shoplifting and manage risks in stores,” said Kathleen Smith, CFI, vice president of loss prevention for Albertsons Companies. “The ALTO program has designed a strategy that effectively brings law enforcement, prosecutors, and retailers together, with a goal of not only reducing crime in stores, but also increasing sales and enhancing our shoppers’ experience.”

Karl Langhorst, CPP, CFI, executive vice president of ALTO US, said, “We are very excited to have Albertsons Companies as our first retail partner as we introduce the ALTO retail risk management strategy into the US market. Albertsons’ loss prevention leadership has a long history of embracing innovative solutions to assist in positively impacting the store environment for their customers and associates as well as striving to reduce shrink and improve sales.” The partnership between Albertsons and ALTO is a significant step as ALTO opens operations in North America after more than a decade serving retailers and law enforcement in Latin America and Spain with proven success.

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ALTO has also developed an effective deterrence marketing program to communicate directly to offenders so that they and their criminal network learn that retailers using the ALTO program should be avoided. The result not only benefits the retailer by lower losses, but also improves store safety for employees and customers while contributing to a reduction in crime in the community.

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