3SI Solution Protects High-End Watches in Display Cases and Safes

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According to the Jeweler’s Security Alliance, smash-and-grab robberies continue to plague jewelry stores, with a major target of these crimes being high-end watches. These robberies are fast, violent and, unfortunately, have been very profitable to criminals—until now. A newly released Jewelry Tracker from 3SI Security Systems is specifically designed to protect luxury watches by automatically detecting a theft and silently tracking the criminals until police move in for the arrest.

3SI NextGen3 tracking devices, already 70,000 strong worldwide, leverage multiple security and tracking technologies (GPS, Cellular and RF) to ensure pinpoint accuracy in tracking. Other important features include:

  • Covert packaging to disguise tracker from criminals
  • Upon activation, device automatically alerts designated security contact and/or police; store owners and employees never have to intervene in potentially dangerous situations
  • Device health check to ensure its functionality 24/7
  • Reliable performance even in Urban Canyon areas (like cities or malls) where tracking is impossible for other tracking devices
  • Self-install-capable so device can be up and running in less than 20 minutes. No need to close the store or disrupt sales to install Jewelry Tracker
  • Available in a variety of designs and finishes to blend seamlessly in any store’s décor

“The growth in crime, especially violent robberies and smash and grabs, led us to develop a Jewelry Tracker design specifically adapted to protect high-end watches in display cases and safes,” said Mary Pifer, 3SI’s VP Global Marketing and Product Management. “Together with our other Jewelry Tracker designs, we can protect the full range of jewelry products for about $1 a day after the first year. And, since many of these crimes are committed by serial robbers, our 80+% apprehension rate puts these criminals in jail where they won’t be stealing or hurting anyone again.”

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