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Surviving Retail Mergers and Acquisitions

Surviving Retail Mergers and Acquisitions

As you read this you may be feeling pretty secure in your job, but beware—it might all change tomorrow. Retail mergers and acquisitions have been known to leave behind “a string of security executive bodies,” according to security job placement specialist Jerry Brennan.

The latest deals in the works? Walgreens is   Read More

Navigating a Year of Transition

Following are a few article summaries that can provide you with a small taste of the original content available to you every day through our daily digital offerings, which are offered free through LossPreventionMedia.com. In addition to our daily newsletter, a comprehensive library of original content is available to our   Read More

Loss Prevention in the New Millennium

Loss Prevention magazine launched its first issue in the fall of 2001. I had the good fortune to contribute to that edition and author the Industry News column continuously until retiring in 2015. Given this is the 15th anniversary of the magazine, we thought that the readership would enjoy a   Read More