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Is It Worth the Risk?

Approximately 29 percent of DNA exonerations across the United States since 1989 involved false confessions to the crime. The actual rate of false confessions will probably never be known for sure since ground truth is elusive in non-experimental settings. One thing is clear—false confessions are real.
Confrontation Equals Conflict
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Wicklander-Zulawski Launches #AskWZ

Wicklander-Zulawski Launches #AskWZ

Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates (WZ), a consulting and training industry leader, is launching #AskWZ. The elite CFI certified investigators and instructors at WZ are offering their insights on WZ’s social media platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Loss Prevention, Asset Protection and Human Resources professionals can now ask WZ experts questions anytime.

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