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LPM’s Annual Meeting: Day 2 Update

LPM’s Annual Meeting: Day 2 Update

Attendees at the LP Magazine annual meeting and members of the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) Asset Protection Leadership Council took things into high gear for Thursday’s agenda in Nashville, TN.

RILA’s Asset Protection Leadership Council met bright and early. At the meeting, the council announced a new chair/spokesperson to help   Read More

Footprints and Flea Markets

Every living person generates signals, signatures, and noise, if you will. As we move through time and space, we shed DNA, talk on phones, travel, register for, apply for, and purchase things—all the while texting, emailing, tweeting, posting, and so on.
Human Footprints
This biological and digital exhaust and our literal and   Read More

Axis Retail Leadership Forum – New York City

It’s a vast world out there in retail. The complexities of asset protection, the Internet of Things, and business functions are endless. There are numerous options for intelligent surveillance solutions to manage this, but finding what works best for you is no easy task.

Join us and other retail experts for   Read More

Navigating a Year of Transition

Following are a few article summaries that can provide you with a small taste of the original content available to you every day through our daily digital offerings, which are offered free through LossPreventionMedia.com. In addition to our daily newsletter, a comprehensive library of original content is available to our   Read More