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The Advantages of Surveillance Training for ORC Investigators

The Advantages of Surveillance Training for ORC Investigators

Those within the loss prevention field have observed the trend to deviate away from hiring private investigators (PI) to do your organized retail crime (ORC) surveillance projects to teaching your in-house investigators within a structured surveillance training program. The cost and complexities of PI contracts have switched to expanding the   Read More

The Daily Pulse of Loss Prevention

This magazine launched a comprehensive new digital technology platform last year that offers our digital subscribers a wide array of compelling daily content. Our “Breaking News” content highlights the stories and critical events that affect the industry on a daily basis, sorting through the mountain of available news to bring   Read More

The Debate Over Restorative Justice Programs

A recent article by the American Bar Association’s ABA Journal posed the question, “Are private education programs for shoplifters a second chance or extortion?”

The article begins by describing an incident involving a woman in a wheelchair the was stopped when she hung a child’s purse and other items on her   Read More