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Are Retailers Selling Shoplifting Tools?

Are Retailers Selling Shoplifting Tools?

Boosters are savvy in their methodology of offending. They often find creative ways in which to conceal property when shoplifting—in their clothing, via a special “booster bag,” etc. However, occasionally they capitalize on resources provided by the very location they intend to victimize.

While shopping in a nationally known chain drug   Read More

The Year Ahead in LP

These are clearly turbulent times in retail. How people shop is changing—and with it the strategies employed to attract and retain customers. Store technology is changing, offering new opportunities, and ushering in new risks. What does the upheaval mean for loss prevention? What are the primary challenges the industry may   Read More

Setting the Research Agenda

In the last edition of LP Magazine, we presented the findings from our first benchmark study, which focused on comparing practices and policies on managing shoplifting in retailing. This topic was chosen primarily because it had been discussed extensively at a recent practitioner meeting and was deemed a good starter   Read More

I Missed My Calling

A good friend of mine once said that a conference is “an organized way of postponing a decision.” I have stood in front of many a booth during the last 33 years and questioned why I was there. Whether it was at the Retail Industry Leaders Association, the National Retail   Read More