An Access Control Definition for AP

What do you know about access control? Vague ideas about authorization, authentication, locks, and keys may come to mind. The truth is, identifying an appropriate access control definition depends on the industry you’re working in.

In a feature article for the July–August 2017 issue, LP Magazine Contributing Writer Dave DiSilva brings   Read More

Supporting the Home Depot Supply Chain Network

The Home Depot supply chain network has undergone a transformation in recent years to incorporate strategic omni-channel elements and physical security controls. Mike Combs, director of asset protection, global supply chain at The Home Depot, has played a critical role in supporting the operation’s development and growth since he joined   Read More

Cash Handling Best Practices for Retailers

According to recent research, the use of cash is declining in popularity among consumers. Retailers may have noticed fewer customers using cash in stores. But that doesn’t mean the challenges of protecting cash have gone away for loss prevention and asset protection professionals. Instead, cash management techniques are evolving alongside   Read More

New Technology in Retail Offers Many Possibilities

New technology in retail loss prevention emerges regularly. In this profession, it’s important to stay abreast of any new technologies that may show potential and could help reduce theft and fraud.

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Industry conferences and events are a great place to scope out the latest solutions. For example, Tom Meehan, CFI, witnessed   Read More

The Voluntary Confession Is Critical

Using threats or promises—whether implicitly or explicitly—in an investigative interview is a questionable practice. Not only does the use of threats or promises to a subject diminish an investigator’s professionalism, but an admission or confession obtained through one of these tactics may be considered untrustworthy or unreliable in criminal or   Read More

Loss Prevention Duties Include Collaboration with IT

The loss prevention department and the information technology department used to handle separate functions of the retail environment. Increasingly, however, loss prevention duties require a strong relationship with (and even a dependence on) the technology department. As retail security solutions evolve to become more sophisticated, LP and AP must find   Read More

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