Loss Prevention Duties Include Collaboration with IT

The loss prevention department and the information technology department used to handle separate functions of the retail environment. Increasingly, however, loss prevention duties require a strong relationship with (and even a dependence on) the technology department. As retail security solutions evolve to become more sophisticated, LP and AP must find   Read More

Social Media Monitoring Explained

Blogs, message boards, and social networks like Facebook and Twitter are popular because of their wide reach and ease of use. Just about anyone, regardless of age, location, or expertise, can share news and information on social media.

Social media monitoring (also known as social media listening) is the act of   Read More

Catching Shoplifters: What’s Your Store Policy?

Although anecdotal evidence among retailers seemed to indicate that shoplifting incidents have been increasing significantly in recent years, hard data was needed. What’s the real rate of shoplifting and external theft these days? How are retailers catching shoplifters and/or using policies to manage these incidents? A trio of industry pros   Read More

Recapping Fifteen Years of LP Magazine

Bill Turner, LPC, has been a reader and contributor to Loss Prevention magazine (now LP Magazine) since its inception in 2001. Now, as the publication celebrates its 15-year anniversary, Turner looks back at the publication’s past five years in a feature article in the January-February 2017 issue. This third and   Read More

Why You Need a Retail Disaster Recovery Plan

Loss prevention team duties don’t stop at preventing theft or managing inventory shrink. As evidenced by some of the major news stories of recent years, tragedies and crises in retail are bound to happen–and LP must meet the challenge. Are you prepared?

The Chipotle Lesson, the Waffle House Index, and similar   Read More

Using Fact-Based Research to Test Loss Prevention Equipment

Are you in charge of your company’s technology budget? How do you know whether the new loss prevention equipment you’ve just rolled out in five stores is performing as it should? What metrics are you using to gauge its success?

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Today’s LP practitioners must be able to provide justification for   Read More

The Evolving Techniques of Interviewing, According to Wicklander-Zulawski

During LP Magazine’s fifteen-year history, loss prevention investigations have changed and transformed. Police investigators in law enforcement have come under increasing public scrutiny, especially for aggressive tactics and false convictions. As a result, interview tactics in both the public and private sectors seem to be shifting towards a less confrontational   Read More

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