Where Do Retail Data Protection Issues Start?

Retail asset protection professionals are no longer responsible only for the protection of physical assets. More and more, criminal activity centers on the theft of information—whether that data is personal, financial, or even intellectual property or business-related. It behooves us, as AP and LP pros, to know where data protection   Read More

10 Approaches to Insider Threat Protection

Today’s retailers face a variety of security risks, not least of which is the insider threat of cyber crime committed by employees or temporary staff. In fact, according to Kroll’s most recent Global Fraud & Risk Report, insider or employee data theft is the second-most common type of cyber incident in   Read More

Employee Data Theft is the Second-Most Common Cyber Incident for Retailers

According to Garett Seivold, security expert and LPM contributing writer, cyber criminals may not always be hidden in the deep, dark web. Sometimes they’re hiding in the most obvious of places. Your stores, for instance.

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Kroll’s most recent Global Fraud & Risk Report indicates that employee data theft is the   Read More

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