Investigative Interviewing Lessons from the Experts

“Profiling” an interview subject can seem controversial, but it’s a step that is still commonly taken by investigative interviewing experts. In practice, the term actually refers to an assessment of a subject’s lifestyle, relationships, interests, and choices that can lead to accurate conclusions about their likely behavior and response to   Read More

An Access Control Definition for AP

What do you know about access control? Vague ideas about authorization, authentication, locks, and keys may come to mind. The truth is, identifying an appropriate access control definition depends on the industry you’re working in.

In a feature article for the July–August 2017 issue, LP Magazine Contributing Writer Dave DiSilva brings   Read More

Store Detective Responsibilities and Characteristics

How do you win at loss prevention? This question is currently under investigation by the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) and the University of Florida. Essentially, researchers want to know how LP/AP efforts can successfully support a retail enterprise. What qualities and capabilities are needed, for instance?

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An LPRC study   Read More

Supporting the Home Depot Supply Chain Network

The Home Depot supply chain network has undergone a transformation in recent years to incorporate strategic omni-channel elements and physical security controls. Mike Combs, director of asset protection, global supply chain at The Home Depot, has played a critical role in supporting the operation’s development and growth since he joined   Read More

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